Teachers' Motivation Stickers

Teacher Stickers - Save time marking

Reward your students for their excellent work and save time marking their homework and tests with these brilliant stickers. Displaying a range of motivational and rewarding phrases, these colourful stickers are perfect for marking grading easier and quicker and your students will enjoy the feedback. Choose from several designs, die-cut shapes such as stars and even "scratch n' sniff" stickers.  Fun designs to motivate any student on their classroom and homework progress.  Parents can also use these fun stickers in the home to motivate their children they are home-schooling.  They can also be used around the house for keeping their rooms clean, helping with household chores or participating in sporting activities. 

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Teachers can make assignment grading and marking tests fast and fun!  With several sticker themes and phrases to choose from, there is something for everyone including Stars, Junior Animals, Praise Monster, Cartoon Animals, Smiley Stars, Sparkling Gold Stars, Scratch n' Sniff and much more!  Students will feel instantly rewarded for working hard on their classroom work, homework assignments and tests.  Simply peel and stick on to their papers.

Parents will also love these stickers for home-schooling or to encourage and reward their children on their accomplishments at home, for their sporting activities and even household chores.

Several pack sizes to choose from including 125 pieces, 180 pieces and a jumbo 1,500 full sheet pack.  They are sold as plastic wrapped sheets with multiple designs on each sheet.  Easy to store in your desk or in a filing cabinet.