Royal Mark Pre-Inked Text Stamps

Royal Mark Pre-Inked Text Stamps

With Royal Mark Pre-inked stamps you get thousands of crisp and clear impressions no matter if bold logos or fine lines. They can be easily re-inked for thousands more, if impressions are fading. The dust cover protects the impression area against accumulation of dirt and at the same time keeps your desk clean of stamp ink. Pre-inked stamps are very popular for large impression, because the housing of the stamps is relatively small despite the large imprint area. ​

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The Ultimate Large Stamp

When you need a large impression, but you don't want to deal with a messy wooden handle stamp and separate pad, look to Royal Mark Pre-inked Stamps as a great alternative.

Royal Mark Pre-inked Stamps come in a variety of large sizes, and feature crystal clear impressoins that you simply can't beat with a traditional stamp.  They also feature a dust cover, which helps keep the surface of the stamp clean, as well as the ink on the stamp.

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